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bilby 2 New Sound City Bill Boards purpose is to let music minded people share their music, links, events, favourite songs, etc to the world. So if you have anything you want to share feel free to post what ever music related stuff you like. Lets keep the music alive together. joe-scott-burns-inn

The amazing Joe Scott of Beltur

Hitman is back tonight from 8pm with my new sound city show only on ka radio. This week will feature tracks from The Third Army, Dumb Instrument and Deadly Winters along with a mixture of folk rock, southern rock and classic rock anthems. As always Im looking for new material for my show. So if your interested then send me your mp3s to
NEW SOUND CITY "keeping the music alive"…/new-sound-city-with-colin-bilby
14463305_1710596505929078_4776681931667277300_n first up is reely jiggered and l'laron who will be playing at this years perth st andrews day event on sunday 27th november. reely jiggered 10401646_10152136649392016_8866088032966392394_n   next up is a new one from The Vryll Society, and track is called a perfect rhythm available on all digital formats The Vryll Society 12510449_679496485525642_7988950875808689997_n   Aftermath by preacher is my next choice . Psychedelic rock no roll at its very best.   Preacher   10440725_1053132861392150_6641253085074179969_n   holy ghosts end of the line up next. which is a convenient track as theyve just announced they taking a hiatus. the holy ghosts 11828703_1048754698482197_1451403036673588609_n   new one from blackberry smoke waiting for the thunder. flawless southern rock as per usual by them. Blackberry Smoke 14713781_10154596331539798_8368440770681858047_n   The genious that is Alabama 3 for yous now. A new track exodus from their current album, lookinf forward to them returning to glasgow on 10th december at the ABC02   the alabama 3   10885013_10153530348582589_2442422302426437570_n More quality music with Hiss Golden Messenger and tell her im just dancing. Hiss Golden Messenger 13626999_10153980565051107_3638242898842258204_n   set yoursel free by temperance movement from their current album white bear The Temperance Movement 12108292_1145999372094684_3760442488625741371_n   new one from holy pistol club so long available now from all digital platforms holy pistol club 12802830_954079427980340_2949467050393735371_n title track lady in gold from blue pills new album Blues Pills 13124785_1318355461515126_8066225831911719748_n move on by glasgows blues rock n roll black cat bone from their current album growl Black cat bone 12196268_849832575130180_8677776810440396088_n vintage caravan up next with eclipsed from their new album arrival . hell yeah im feeling it vintage caravan 13450138_1133696646682265_6247425742384849575_n   new one from scorpion child acid roulette . love the fact they are bringing back the early 70s rock n roll sound outstanding . scorpion child 944855_10153988866709655_5951417672530992334_n dumb instrument with the high jumper from their debut ep . dumb instrument 11752109_10153045686183424_1094188643910432245_n The stand by John Strachan new project the third army. They played a blinder at the HAC, Irvine Saturday night. the third army 13924920_1710223259242614_3758283064929098943_n   classic one by jiezuberband phoenix will rise again . They where a band that all fans of them sadly miss. jiezuberband 922845_513796415350069_1248758439_n some folk/rock for yous now with table in the corner by the deadly winters. deadly winters 12183735_1034487849915904_7449110572070989929_o cc smugglers hold on up next. hope your tapping your feet big time to this. cc smugglers 13173994_10153975180485795_1832902753136901090_n   superfly by the master of the cello callum ingram Calum Ingram 15094450_1439253176089271_4085324002111549080_n mama im alive by the sensational langan band. who I seen twice at the kelburn garden party earlier in the year . the langan band 14022272_10154553700750572_4220229962457704276_n echo by talisk up.  very varied show tonight thats for sure . still to vote for their album abyss which has been nominated to win album of the year at the traditional music awards scots trad music awards Talisk 13087771_1164446183567971_4505987236411943214_n   new one from glasgows indie rock outfit march. Colour Trap 1508633_355816867923691_900878128702441149_n I just want to be left be alone by Londons Hidden Charm, check them out when they come to rock it out at Sneaky Petes on the 10th February. hidden charms 14963279_1120623621354375_5716493598426167017_n baby strange and human from i want it ep . baby strange 12801364_1141710275839067_3733148699958815151_n grunge number calm from kilmarnock belefonte by final track of this evening. The Belafonte 13782218_1766376220276241_1827294006578194968_n 14463305_1710596505929078_4776681931667277300_n
Hitman is back tonight from 8pm with my New Sound City show only on KA Radio. This weeks show will feature tracks from Vida, Jackal Trades, Sonic Templars and The Third Army, along with a whole host of some of the finest Independent and unsigned music availible to listen too right now.
As always Im looking for new material for my so if your interested in airplay then send your material to Check out my blog page below for updates on the artists featured on this weeks show.…/new-sound-city-with-colin-bilby NEW SOUND CITY "keeping the music alive"
show kicked off woodwife and talking song. woodwife 10690332_700117786743203_8849223623414030059_n
Up next is Amber Rub and i found from their debut album For A Moment I Was Lost amber run 11208656_1143550222348811_1911828037837292858_n   Neon Watch Perfect Frame up next
14729147_1439265632757433_375425018310525161_n   beltur and sober check them out supporting concrete kingdoms on the 7th december at electric circus Beltur 15192765_1200648286691280_7815395168852682053_n new one from VIDA when i call from their current ep masquerade. vida 14606492_853227244780181_8647493796264636628_n beat movement from greenock with their track contribution. 10177523_724207427659881_4691443651477033782_n glasgows proud honey and weekend millionaires up next . proud honey   13880127_1111694868919644_3041964567765717541_n baby strange and nude who are headlining 02 abc on the 15th december baby strange 12801364_1141710275839067_3733148699958815151_n   sonic winters and bad news from badsville. their new album

Party War On The Killing Floor

is available at on their bandcamp sonic winter 14962522_1128139803937541_5626595460515849421_n skidmark on my soul by dumb instrument dumb instrument 11703175_10153045686638424_8539275892661110332_n next up is the third army with grapefruits and coffee. The Third Army 13924920_1710223259242614_3758283064929098943_n Folk Rock legend Tom Mitchell Fifty Trees up next . tom mitchell 15220243_1066487413450029_682583896508280090_n no sooner here than gone from the oustanding long day living. long day living 13894999_1394964620519429_4822918464190690121_n Title track behind the curve from their current ep . harry and the hendersons 13880202_899197386891471_8659688329542321628_n wake up the sun by will and the wild horse. check them out at the pierhead tavern over in arran sunday the 4th december. will and the wild horse 12688137_1074594632605039_4850951570071815959_n sun is out today by daryl sperry from his debut ep I Dont Want To Be Everybody daryl sperry   13631459_149066115520852_6747173485823207574_n Rhodes and sway my next choice . proper chill out music. Rhodes 1934472_1201763246505112_6353861141638164868_n Holy Esque Fade from their At Hope's Ravine debut album holy esque 12122577_1029951537056567_9144599203986037720_n its cold out by eliza and the bear from their debut album. eliza and thebear   12743512_983200841745129_8641977724312051243_n Kilmarnocks Fatherson mine for me who have just sold out the barrowlands Fatherson 13230256_1090744724302723_107391652378619029_n belafonte low born blood from their warm bones ep. The Belafonte 13782218_1766376220276241_1827294006578194968_n culann the lowlanders great hatred .  Thoughts are with those guys as they had to cancel their gig at the ship inn due to a illness in the family. culann 11041821_10153129409472528_3951059068325506174_n sonic templars epic the death of innocence and birth of ego track from their current Ascension catch them at the bellsfield tavern along with the next band on the 3rd december. sonic templars 12814006_1150381561641132_5766165726000942459_n I am the fear from Jackal Trades from them debut album. best rap album that has came out of scotland in years. jackal trades 14962811_1133058056779582_3397589534532402287_n Final Track of tonight Colonel Mustard and the Dijon5s These are not the drugs you are looking for (dance remix) They have just sold out the ABC02 in Glasgow on the 23rd December. colonel mustard and the dijon5s 15267935_1297846440236865_1942872769463042678_n     Hitman is back this coming tuesday from 8pm with my new sound city show only on ka radio scotland. This week will be a run down of my favourite tracks on 2016 featuring, Have Mercy Las Vegas, Temperance Movement and Neon Waltz and Sonic Templars. As always Im looking for new material for my show so if your interested send your mp3s to
Additionally Check out my new blog page featuring all the artists played each new sound city show. NEW SOUND CITY 14463305_1710596505929078_4776681931667277300_n   "keeping the music alive" ka radio
Show kicks off with the sensational woodwife. With their sensational track Blue Flame. One of my true highlights of 2016 was seeing them perform live at Kelburn Garden Party. woodwife   10690332_700117786743203_8849223623414030059_n   Next up is a new one from The Vryll Society, a perfect rythm. Which is a available to buy right now from google play and itunes etc. The Vryll Society 12510449_679496485525642_7988950875808689997_n   Preacher with the title track from their current album aftermath. Scotlands answer to Pink Floyd. Preacher 10440725_1053132861392150_6641253085074179969_n More new music with Marseilles, Harmonic Generator , and their track Dreams & Tears. Harmonic Generators 14925630_10154720789614459_4661061740895601703_n Holy Ghosts who are sadly on a hiatus just now , but do check their material. Hopefully its the end of the line for them. the holy ghosts 14963279_1120623621354375_5716493598426167017_n   Neon Waltz double coming up with their new single I fall asleep followed by favourite track of theirs Perfect Frame. neon waltz neon-waltz Gerry Cinnamon Kampfire Vampire up next . Another great year for this individual supporting Ocean Colour Scene no less last saturday at The SSE Hydro. Gerry Cinnamon 13615398_1301460326538333_1547153317404317752_n Samas Award winner Michael Cassidy and 15 years. Another highlight of 2016 was attending the SAMAS and seeing Michael best acoustic act Michael Cassidy michael-cassidy   Jemima Thewes and Lay out your souls. Was a real priveleged seeing her at Kelburn Garden Party performing that song. Jemima Thewes jemima The sensational little songbird with Brief Encounters. Seeing her perform at the Scarecrow Festival back in August was Highlight of the year in its own right. Little Songbird 15192734_1804217603189299_4163421697069583933_n Also playing at that festival was blues rock perfection imbodied Anton And The Colts. My Sister Cocaine there . Anton And The Colts atc Daryl Sperry and Keep The Dream Alive . Helping out with this years Oxjam was awesome. Kattee Kross with her Hammer single. Raw Talent at its finest Katee Kross 12642648_1697615930508978_6685800928348090617_n Next up Is the toe tapping barn stomping Have Mercy Las Vegas and St Peters Blues. Always a highlight seeing Live at Eden Festival. have mercy las vegas 11254088_977532592287943_164691954563207004_n White Bear by Temperance Movement . Full Album is just superb. The Temperance Movement   12108292_1145999372094684_3760442488625741371_n   Saint Agnes Merry Mother Of Go Go Round, there perfect new single. Close to becoming my track of 2016. Saint Agnes saint-agnes Hidden Charms new single and I just want to be left alone. hidden charms 14963279_1120623621354375_5716493598426167017_n Glasgows Rock Holy Pistol Club with so long. holy pistol club 12802830_954079427980340_2949467050393735371_n Ayrshires Sonic Templars. Wo seen smash King Tuts earlier in the year and was one of main highlights of 2016. sonic templars 12814006_1150381561641132_5766165726000942459_n Long Day Living up next. A highlight seeing they guys finally bring out their debut album. Great guys Stephen and Kenny are . long day living 13894999_1394964620519429_4822918464190690121_n Worse Than Moe On my Island from their upcoming 2nd album due out beginning of next year . worse than moe   392113_439991982732396_1645232312_n Third Army and stand from their debut ep. Another of my highlights on 2016 was seeing them smash the Harbour Arts Cenre, Irvine. The Third Army 13924920_1710223259242614_3758283064929098943_n Beltur and Sober. Been a sensational year for these guys and has been a privelege following them span the length and breadth of the country from Forth to West Kilbride. Beltur   13015098_1025274157562028_3198856315343727820_n colour trap and march from their current ep. check it out . Colour Trap 1508633_355816867923691_900878128702441149_n lional from Inverness and season of salt . Another track that i just discovered this year and certainly a highlight seeing them perform at the Tenement Trail. lional Final track 2016 is baby strange. seeing them perform at the SAMAS was awesome they will be headlining the 02 ABC this friday. thats all folks for another year been a pleasure . Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 12801364_1141710275839067_3733148699958815151_n   Join me the Hitman Bilby this tonight from 8pm with my New Sound City show only on KA Radio featuring some of finest up and coming bands out there just now including Will & The Wild Horse, Neon Waltz, Lional, Medicine Men, and The Cairds.
As always im looking for new material for my show so if your interested send me your mp3s to NEW SOUND CITY "keeping the music alive"…/new-sound-city-with-colin-bilby Good evening I have kicked off the show with Sonic Templars The Death of Innocence and the Birth of Ego fro their current ep ascension sonic templars next we have fatherson and open book
oustandifold and wettigrippers up next with their sensational track only a matter of time Outstandifold   A bit of Twin Hearts for you who are playing at la belle angelle in Edinburgh on the 31st March twin heart   vukovi vukovi and weirdo up next. great track from them reminds me of the of classic 90s band garbage.   Neon Waltz with dreamers there . Big things coming for them surely. neon waltz   long day living long day living its inevitable who are playing at the record factory on the 17th march The third army and riches from their debut self titled ep The Third Army   will and the wild horse will and the wild horse get along from their current self titled ep. Beltur and sober up next who are seeking a new drummer . If interested check ou their facebook page or contact colin at Beltur have mercy las vegas have mercy las vegas st peters blues who will be playing on the main at this years eden festival
heron valley Heron Valley and home who will be headlining rabbies tavern at eden festival. the alabama 3 Rising Tide by the alabama 3 who are also pne of the main headliners at this years eden festival. admiral fallow admiral fallow and squealing pigs another act playing at eden festival. Thats my final choice promise. baby strange baby strange and pleasure city there. still listening to that ep. Class act indeed.
lional lonely so long by lional who are playing at the tooth and claw on the 8th april. medicine men Medicine Men current single In The Breeze available on itunes and all the main players in the digital era. the phantoms lost by the phatoms there who are headlining sneaky petes on 8th april cairds Buck stop here from kilmarnocks hottest new band the cairds. Colour Trap Colour Trap and deadly highs from their current ep. nice wee track by them. daryl sperry eyes on me by the very gifted daryl sperry . The Belafonte belafonte with torn at the seems from their current warm bones ep. seaside sons burn in the sun by seaside sons from their debut album out of time. Van Ts Another sun there check their strip set at old hairdressers on the 4th march. ninth wave upstairs people who are currently touring . they won the best newcomers at last years samas. great band The excerts The Xcerts and heaven who will joining You Me and Six on their european tour all through March. woodwife woodwife and danse de la lune my final track of this evening and what away to end the show. fairwell for now.