8th Nov 2016


New Sound City Show 8th November 2016

Hitman is back tonight from 8pm with my New Sound City only on KA Radio. Featuring some of the finest musical goodies available to listen to out there, including Jackal Trades, Long Day Living, Have Mercy Las Vegas and Chris Finegan As always Im looking for new material for my show. So if your interested then send me your mp3s to colinbilby@ka-radio.co.uk. Also check out my new blog page featuring all the artists ive played throughout my time as a radio presenter thus far NEW SOUND CITY NEW SOUND CITY "keeping the music alive" ka radio logomaker-1475454084861 First Track i have chosen for this evening is harmonic generator and dreams ans tears from their current ep skull. Harmonic Generators 14925630_10154720789614459_4661061740895601703_n Ayrshires Sean C Kennedy up next with his legacy single Sean C Kennedy 13244743_1038492492855006_2153911859720344179_n The xcerts live like this my next track of this evening 13680918_10154460209999175_6275232235399953730_n Thexcerts the title track of their new album and current single one by ground pilots. ground pilots 12047155_991517390911128_4434305901365408846_n BELTUR sober be sure to check them out live supporting concrete kingdoms on the 7th edinburgh tickets can be purchased from the following link for a meseley £6 concrete kingdoms electric circus tickets Beltur 13015098_1025274157562028_3198856315343727820_n jointpop and man dog millionaire from their 2012 pot hound album jointpop 14440616_10154141384751137_1282260991847341390_n clever girl by V-Device from their vidana album v-device 13263781_10154149673438340_996575162521927739_n title track from masquerade superb new ep vida 14606492_853227244780181_8647493796264636628_n long day living up next with inevitble. be sure to check out Stephen McLean random afternoons show on ka radio. randomafternoons long day living 13894999_1394964620519429_4822918464190690121_n by your side off of holy ghost self titled ep. played this ep to death as its a cracker holy pistol club 13346765_1011446065577009_6320431450675131880_n edinburgh deluded buddahs with the puppeteers Deluded Buddhas 13697227_941763789274517_7043533448840406646_n spare me the knife miles away. audioslave inspired rock n roll. spare me the knife 14492399_675568399259204_2584898891928549647_n neon waltz veiled clock. Another one of the bands material ill never tire of neon waltz 14729147_1439265632757433_375425018310525161_n eliza and the bear thief from their self titled debut album elizaandthebear 12743512_983200841745129_8641977724312051243_n baby strange california sun from their want it need it album baby strange 12801364_1141710275839067_3733148699958815151_n best newcomers the ninth wave and only the young ninth wave 14322777_1472296672784729_4476564863906861377_n last approach and calling out from their life goes on 2nd album last approach 1898021_10152240253452259_1367271563_n The Van Ts another sun. girl grunge at its very best Van Ts 13718811_1074723992610831_8936900229039346089_n Ayrshires belafonte torn at the seams The Belafonte 13782218_1766376220276241_1827294006578194968_n continuing the ayrshire fest with worse than moe 737, from their soon to be released new album. worse than moe 14725516_1228185530579700_7434811198749371306_n sonic templars promised land from their new ascension ep sonic templars 12814006_1150381561641132_5766165726000942459_n low from outstandifold and the wettigripper low from thier 2nd album box Outstandifold 14344848_1309693779041821_4278209189617152542_n daryl sperry keep the dream alive. wholl be supporting Brian Nash from Frankie goes to Hollywood. daryl sperry 13631459_149066115520852_6747173485823207574_n pillars by chris finegan from his pillars ep chris finegan 12522988_1208063249222121_6592000246904332006_n st peters blues new track from the sensation that have mercy las vegas have mercy las vegas 11254088_977532592287943_164691954563207004_n title track behind the curve from harry and henderson ep harry and the hendersons 13880202_899197386891471_8659688329542321628_n marilyn munroe logic by jackal trade from we need characters debut album jackal trades 14962811_1133058056779582_3397589534532402287_n velvet mace from dirty north 3rd studio album available from their bandcamp dirty north 14100510_1411855722176859_3377975669230180732_n too many Ts, I wish i never seen them jam at eden festival couple years back too many ts 14702355_1330731216947734_2857301272053335292_n this road by the glass caves frpm their debut album alive glass caves 14470650_1100504533320800_2211458917575635568_n