New Sound City 25th October 2016

Back Hitman is back again this coming tuesday with my New Sound City show from 8pm only on Ka Radio. This week will feature some of the finest up and coming solo artist in the independent music scene today including lynzie dray, Michael Cassidy and Katee Kross . As always im looking for new material for my show so if your interested send me your mp3s to NEW SOUND CITY "keeping the music alive" KA RADIO logomaker-1475454084861 Starting off the show with Shamus Dark shamus 2nd track tonight is samantha crain with her track Kathleen all the way from oklahoma   12647325_10153904738474948_5103390438074911024_n   nwxt up long day living their debut album is a must ans should certainly be purchased straight away after listening to this track   13894999_1394964620519429_4822918464190690121_n   michael cassidy 15 years  who won best acoustic act at this years Samas 11836627_10152899417296673_9028176659119197092_n zoe faulkner voices up next make sure you catch her at oneils in aberdeen this coming saturday. 11921616_542509982562887_5520371179245487716_n   Kilmmarnock sensational gifted rebecca herd with let you go up next for your pleasure. enjoy   13406863_735183209918812_9043166588619180343_n sophie rogers and unspoken from her debut album two sides 13599944_1147274725336081_7665267496212282418_npo     legend dave sharp with wonderful world he will performing at the treehouse in ayr in 3rd december   13164471_10207580511809392_5926662236903473352_n becci wallace phuket days from her debut album fragmentality 12196292_918255271577658_1543245353954487770_n   welsh maestro philip foxley with the oustanding i dont want to go   14291660_1474072262619235_8390560720153298205_n jemima thewes lay out your soul who i discovered at this years kelburn garden no less   12376154_1043118539041566_4890904754081279988_n beer jacket with cape from his antlers album.   10609449_10152658248646256_7208455250006269453_n the sensational ben watt there with the gun. do check out more of his material.   13100739_1010432015692158_1220849264913918247_n joe craig from Moosic, Pennsylvania with when love is right. great wee track he sent me direct to   14572903_10209115803348008_6665098120206637743_n   katee kross the hammer who got to meet seasick steve and peform at wembley you go girl . 12642648_1697615930508978_6685800928348090617_n   calum ingram and chop whos doing well for himself and recently played at this years oxjam 10th anniversary. 13592185_1312491855432071_3977445061531958013_n shelagh jones with glad rags, and hashtags . a cheery wee tune 12647301_336091819848085_6005066967656997450_n daryl sperry eyes on me from his debut ep i dont to be everybody 13631459_149066115520852_6747173485823207574_n generations here with you. thank you graham bradbury for sending that track into me . brilliant and its great having your continued support. 14713607_654042634758539_7721912523339183277_n day trippin by jamie and the giants . seen him supporting cast at the classic grand last year. 12509661_1666905876928841_8230102811997416222_n kampvire vampire by the best live act in scotland gerry cinamon 13615398_1301460326538333_1547153317404317752_n jamie reilly shades of blue. very gifted individual . 14680622_663930173765604_6443478778977909807_n little fire you mean something to me, congrats on winning the west fm local music award. 14494630_10154471147129985_7142921271926978565_n   14045622_1745658082378585_5054363454083014417_n   little songbird brief encounter . such a heart felt beautiful song. check her out live you will not regret it. the haunting blue flame by woodwife. camped next to them a mugstock and they had me up all night enjoying their raw talent 10690332_700117786743203_8849223623414030059_n final track of this evening is from tom mitchell shadow in the sun 14095844_980046798760758_2333605154102351041_n   thank you for  tuning once again bye for now