My First Show re Guests, Virginia hey



My first guest will be on my second show, Feb 26th 2013, I'll let you know who within the next week..

I wont schedule a guest interview for my first show, I want to spend it with my fb family, all of you, for the first show. Just us, and that will also give me a chance to watch Cheryl Scott, Owner of KA Radio, and my dear friend and fellow presenter Derek McEwan, teach me the whole process and learn the technical side of it all. You see its extra exciting, you run your own show at KA Radio, including the sound mixer and playing the songs and the news and adds etc, and so I need to watch either Cheryl or Derek do all the tech stuff for me till I can pick it up.. it may be funny listening to my mistakes while I learn over the next few weeks! LOL.. I have asked my first guest to pop on the following Tuesday 26th Feb instead of on the 19th. He is a singer of a very famous 80s-2013 UK band..I was in one of his music videos back in the day!.. No its not Mummas Boys .. no, not Duran Duran.. and of course no its not INXS because Michael is sadly no longer with us.. I'll tell all soon.. Stay watching this page.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx