My First Show Virginia Hey


virginiaTonight will be such fun, I cant wait!

I decided not to schedule in an interview tonight for my first show, I want to spend it with my fb family, just us, and my dear friend and fellow presenter and Scottish Geek Derek McEwan who you all know well, he is my left arm! He is a sweetie for sitting in with me tonight to guide me, make me feel comfy and teach me the whole process and learn the technical side of it all. And Ive always sat in on his shows, now we get to turn it the other way! What fun! Tonight Im playing some of my fave tunes from the 70s and 80s, and I’ll be answering your questions and commenting on your comments. Please use the form below to pop in a hello to me, to wave from your part of the world, and comment or ask anything. I also want you to tell me your fave 70s 80s song and why.. Id LOVE to hear your memories, but keep it semi-clean! LOL.. I will make up a playlist of ALL your songs for next weeks show.. Next week will be my tribute to YOU!! Tonight, friends are listening in from all over the planet, it is a truly international show and Im SO DARN PROUD! Tell me where you are when you comment. Tonights show is for two hours, 8pm till 10pm GMT, (Greenich Mean Time), which is this time in these cities, this is a guide so you can figure out what time it is in your city!: UK Tues 8PM – 10PM Sydney Wed 7:00 – 9:00AM Los Angeles Tue 12:00 Noon – 2PM Barcelona Tue 9:00 – 11PM Hong Kong Wed 4:00 – 6AM Cape Town Tue 10:00PM – MIDNIGHT Delhi Wed 1:30 – 3.30AM I will post next weeks show content here. Please note I will not be using my facebook page during the show. :) Only this page, lets party HERE! Whooo Hoooo…. Let the fun begin… Ask away: