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I have always loved music and have listened to it for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s meant I had a huge range of styles to listen to, but very quickly settled on Rock, Blues and a bit of Metal. Over the years not much has changed but I will listen to anything once. I have played bass since I was 15 and love the buzz of playing to a crowd. I am looking forward to more gigs in 2013 with my band and going to more live events too.

Random Afternoon arrived on air almost a year ago, born out of a conversation between KA Radio and myself. It is 3 hours of music that spans over 5 decades and can be anything from Elvis Presley to Extreme, Amy MacDonald to AC/DC. When we have guests in the studio it also brings a new dimension to the show, when someone can bring their favourite song to the table and talk about what it means to them.

What also makes the show are the requests and chat with the good folk that listen, so requests and comments are always welcome

All in all, it’s a particularly fun way to spend 2 hours.

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  1. Well the new shows have started folks.
    I shall be raiding the depths of the KA towers musical vaults to bring you all manner of music.
    If you have requests or if you have songs of your own that you would like to be considered for Airplay? Contact me 🙂

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