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.:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’ Relax with Rie from 10pm on Tue (UK time) .:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’ Before Before After tiger -------------------------------- Hello, This weekend, I invited a friend to meditate just like I always let you do on the show. The audio was not so great, so I'm not using the recording. Sorry, but... I've always thought people looked better after they are done with my program. This time, I've finally took a picture before and after. I've asked him to give me the best smile possible for both time and I tried to take the pictures in the same manner as much as possible. I'll just post them here to see what you think. And I will let you do the same techniques he did when the pictures were taken. See you soon! Lots of Love, Rie .:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.: To support what I teach here .:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.: ヾ(^‿^) ノ゙ Paypal Japan does not let me make a donation button, but this works just the same.


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