Turning people into your friends

.:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’ Relax with Rie from 10pm on Tue (UK time) .:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.:*:・’ Hello, Let me be honest, I sometimes feel like some people are not going to act favorably for me. Yet, it's important to keep a positive outlook to turn them on your side. I'll share a bit of trick I use so you can try for yourself if you find yourself in a similar situation. And of course, meditate and invigorate yourself with me at the end. See you soon! Lots of love, Rie 桜1 .:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.: To support what I teach here .:*:・☆.:*:・’.:*:・☆.: ヾ(^‿^) ノ゙ Paypal Japan does not let me make a donation button, but this works just the same.


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