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They say that time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so, but be that as it may, sometimes time can be important such as the time your favourite presenters are on the air here at KA-Radio.


Midweek But Not Middle Of The Road

Where most people start to feel the effects of the week settling in around now, our presenters are still energised and ready to entertain

Midnight - 2 AM From Texas And Beyond With Lochlann Green

2AM – 7AM A Little Night Music 

7AM – 10AM – The Full Scottish Breakfast Show With Stephen McNamara

10AM – Noon – 10p Mix Up

Noon - 1PM - USA By Ear

1PM – 3PM - Random Afternoons With Stephen McLean

3PM – 6PM - Drive Time

6PM – 8PM - 

8PM – 10PM - Ayrshire Sessions With Cheryl Scott

10PM – Midnight – Deuce With Robert Saunders

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