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Mechanical Smile: Dare to Come Out of the Surface Many radio shows nowadays have been playing purely mainstream Pop songs, much to the dismay of music fans who are craving for a different material and for unsigned artists who are hoping to get their songs played on-air. But a fledging radio station called KA Radio Scotland, aims to uphold the tradition of diversifying the music scene by giving a chance for both popular and independent musicians to showcase their works. One program in particular called The Zone thus becomes an avenue for underground Alternative Rock music. Helming the reigns of the said show is Murray Baxter. Much like the perfect piece to complete the puzzle, Baxter is indeed credible enough to be behind the microphone as surprisingly, he is also a member of an unsigned Alternative Rock band named Mechanical Smile. The group is composed of Dawn Marshall, Nic Pilmer, and until lately, Garry Irving; along with Murray. This Scottish Alternative Rock outfit all hail from the picturesque town of Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, Scotland. This area is made famous for the Burns Monument, a memorial for the late great Scottish poet Robert Burns. It is also the home of the entertainment joint, Ace of Diamonds Fun Casino. This certain venture much like online site partypoker, offers the well-loved Texas Hold’em Poker. Participating in such game stimulates one to analyse every move. Dexterity and quick decision-making skills are also honed as these are needed in order to triumph in such match. Since poker players give much importance to playing fair, sportsmanship is therefore encouraged. As the most ingenious of strategies often acquire the biggest pay-offs, players are tested as well in terms of their creativity. Moreover, playing poker increases socialization skills as this is a group activity. Having players being able to socialize, each player can even learn tips and tricks from one another. And as socialisation is concerned, female-fronted Mechanical Smile pursued to write and perform their original songs, despite the dilemma that the Ayrshire music scene is male-dominated. Their hard work paid off and locals flooded their Facebook and Twitter pages with praise for their unique blend of sound. Gaining confidence from countless positive reviews, the band played all over Scotland and even had the chance to have a mini-tour in neighbouring Germany. The quartet’s individual musical abilities like Baxter’s exceptional snare hits, Pilmer’s thundering bass lines, Irving’s soulful riffs, and Marshall’s deep voice; effectively melded into each other creating a soundscape experience like no other. With the release of their EP entitled Into the Surface, even admirers of renowned bands like Evanescence are floored by Mechanical Smile’s offering with tracks entitled: Afterlife, Look Closer, Arrows, and We Are Forever. The short record indeed abides by the saying “quality over quantity” as each song was carefully arranged and penned to evoke the band’s deepest emotions. To avoid sounding mushy or worse, sugary-sweet; they also took notes from Progressive Rock. Adding in as much distortion to the album’s sound, Into the Surface catapulted the group into one that is now highly-anticipated. Taking notes from the EP’s title itself, Mechanical Smile is one band that truly dared to come out of the surface.

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